Buy Used Furniture

Planning to buy hotel, home or office furniture...? We offer all range of hotel, home and office furniture, such as,office table, office chair, office cabinet, partition, sofa, wardrobe, beds, dressers, dining table and so on.

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Sell Used Furniture

So do you want to sell? We value your time and provide you 5 simple step...

We consider to buy all kind of hotel furniture, office furniture and home furniture.

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016 201 3938 (Kajang)
016 261 8952 (Connaught)
016 229 0383 (Seremban)
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About Us

Abumama...a very unique and caring name for the sound of it makes you to feel the “touch” of a Mother. For we are a Mother Nature lover, a go green company which creates an awareness to our community in recycling furniture. We believe in “nothing needs to be shattered” where most of the goods can be repaired, touch up and be reused. Our focus on furniture...

We are specialize in supplying second hand office furniture, such as used used office table, used office chair, used partition, used pedestal, used whiteboard, used office cabinet, used sliding cabinet, used doors cabinet, used filing cabinet, used display cabinet, etc.

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