Tried and tested!

A Brand New Method

Abumama is a new method transforming an offline business model into a semi-online. It mostly focuses on providing services to the public. It is easier and more convenient to understand the value of the company.

A deeper look

The Concept

The Founder had the idea to start a upcyling shop after seeing his grandfather collect recyclables off the street to make a living. In 2005, he started his first shop (formerly known as Junk King) in Balakong. He bought over used furnitures, kitchen wares, and various types of electrical appliances (Mainly from shops that went out of business) for refurbishing.


Goals and aspirations

Vision & Mission

Abumama seeks to provide more business and job opportunities in the distant future as the company expands to greater heights. Abumama hopes to broadens its business through out Malaysia. The company also hopes to bring in more used furnitures from Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and more. With that, customers will have more choices with better prices and quality products.

How it’s like

The Experience

The company has transformed and improved over the years (From 2005 to 2014). The company has more than 10 years of experience in this industry. The company is certain that they can provide quality and reliable services to their customers.

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