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Sell second hand furniture

So do you want to sell? We value your time and provide you 4 simple steps

  1. Pick up your phone and take a picture of the items that you are planning to sell.

  2. List it and either Whatsapp to our hotline or email them to us at

  3. Fill us up with your location and other details.

  4. Depending on your location and items, we may schedule an appointment for viewing and purchasing.

We consider to buy all range of office table, office chair, office cabinet, partition, pedestal, whiteboard and so on.


Office furniture sold


Home furniture sold


Hotel furniture sold


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Wondering what to do?

Are you moving out?

Wondering what to do? Who to call? How many contractor’s to call? How to deal with it?

Don’t worry we are here for you. We understand your pressure and offer our self to take care of all the hassle. Once your tenancy ends, you need to reinstate the premises to the original condition. We are experts in office reinstatement services which include building, commercial and retails. Now you can take a deep breath and say goodbye and bid farewell to your old premise.

Our services are Dismantle and Reinstall Partition, Electrical Wiring, Ceiling, Cabinet, Raised Floor, Carpet, Painting and etc.

Abumama van

Start shopping for your new furniture with us!

We buy & sell all kind of office furniture and home furniture.

We offer all range of home and office furniture, such as office table, office chair, office cabinet, partition, sofa, wardrobe, beds, dressers, dining table and so on.