20 Tips for Buying Second Hand Furniture – Part 2

Your home furniture is one of the reasons that you love your home. Furniture is the accessory that makes your rooms come together and helps you enjoy the amenities of a comfortable lifestyle. Since it is a large makeup of our home, we often can’t replace furniture as often as we would like. Instead of having to save up for furniture, why not buy it second hand or reuse furniture.

11.) ‘Assembly required’ furniture may not be sturdy:
Self assembled furniture is a good and economical alternative to buying expensive brand name furniture. Although, when looking for furniture at second hand locations be mindful of furniture that was self assembled. Often times the furniture doesn’t still have all of its original pieces or may not have the original structural intent as when it was first assembled.

12.) Make sure to refinish old furniture for its new purpose:
Want to take an old dresser and use it as a bathroom vanity? This idea is one of the latest trends and works beautifully especially for antique and older furniture. Make sure to refinish the wood or other dresser material in a waterproof finish. Re-purposing furniture is a great idea but you don’t want to ruin your ‘new’ found relic.

13.) Drive a vehicle large enough to haul away your furniture:
One of the biggest mistakes to make is to not be prepared to take home your furniture. Many stores will hold your merchandise for a few days, while others will demand you take your furniture that day. If you know you are going to buy a couch, map out a few stores, & yard sales to go to and have a truck ready to haul off your furniture. You would hate to find something that is ‘perfect’ but then can’t get it to your home immediately.

14.) Check furniture retailers who rent furniture first:
Before searching all over town for a good place to find second hand furniture, try furniture retailers that rent furniture to corporations. These furniture pieces are usually gently used and often times these retailers hold clearance sales to get rid of their inventory. Second hand furniture doesn’t have to be worn out from the previous owner. Corporation clients sometimes rent furniture for a few months and then they’re returned back to the retailer.

15.) Second hand furniture from hotels can be perfect for your home:
Although, a little more challenging to find, hotels often renovate and then sell off the old furniture to the public. Look in the newspaper, online classifieds and word of mouth to see when local hotels near you may be selling furniture after renovating. When buying hotel furniture stay away from mattresses as mentioned earlier in this article.

16.) Arts and crafts suggestions for masking imperfections:
Have you fallen in love with a piece of second hand furniture but is shows wear and tear on the surface? How about adding wallpaper cutouts as a form of decoupage to make a custom look? Add wallpaper, and then seal the surface with a clear sealer to the surface. The sealer will prevent the wallpaper from lifting and will deter water rings and surface marks.

17.) Shop with dimensions in hand:
When shopping for second hand furniture you need to have an idea of what space you need to fill and how large that space is. Since you aren’t shopping with a furniture catalog that has upfront dimensions and descriptions, you need to be prepared. Even if you don’t have specific dimensions, have a good idea of how much space you have to work with as most second furniture sources will not let you return your furniture.

18.) Ask to get on second hand furniture retailers mailing lists:
Many well established used furniture retailers get shipments in on a regular basis. Several of them may get their furniture direct from warehouses or other retail sources. Ask if they have a mailing list or email list. This way you can be notified when new shipments are due in and you can be one of the first to get the goods!

19.) Auction sites are a good source for used furniture:
Furniture auctions receive furniture from estate sales, furniture stores, unclaimed storage units and many other sources. Look up furniture auctions in your area to take advantage of quality second hand furniture. Auctions tend to have more discriminatory taste when selecting their furniture so the quality and price will be more than that of your average online classified ad poster.

20.) Choose green painting supplies when refinishing:
Opt for green varnishes and paint when refinishing a second hand piece of furniture. Paint and varnish comes in varieties that have low or no VOC’s. Low VOC’s will help when preparing the furniture with little to no fumes. An added benefit will be once the piece is in your home it will be free from off gassing.

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