20 Tips for Buying Second Hand Furniture – Part 1

Your home furniture is one of the reasons that you love your home. Furniture is the accessory that makes your rooms come together and helps you enjoy the amenities of a comfortable lifestyle. Since it is a large makeup of our home, we often can’t replace furniture as often as we would like. Instead of having to save up for furniture, why not buy it second hand or reuse furniture.

1.) Try out furniture before you buy:
Whether you purchase second hand furniture on Craigslist, or a garage/estate sale, ‘sample’ the furniture before money exchanges hands. Open up drawers in cabinets, sit in chairs and lean on tables. If an item has been damaged you need to confirm that it is still in satisfactory shape for to you to start using at your home. Even if it is damaged, make sure you are confident you or someone else can fix it and pay appropriately for the condition of the piece.

3.) Trust your senses when buying second hand furniture:
Furniture that has been in someone else’s home may have the odors of past owners. When buying furniture consider this in your decision. Some odors may air out, while others like pet and smoking odors may not. Don’t get so enamored in the great deal that you forget this is getting ready to be part of your home and family for years to come.

3.) Second hand mattresses can harbor germs:
Although tempting, second hand mattresses are not recommended to use more again. Mattresses can harbor germs, bacteria, and bugs that you can’t see. If you need a mattress and can’t afford to buy a brand new one, consider buying a futon mattress or air mattress until you can afford a traditional one.

4.) Reupholstering can you save you money:
Second hand and old furniture may have been constructed with quality structural components and may just need a ‘face lift’. Similar to renovating a older home, furniture was made with better workmanship and quality products years ago. Instead of passing over an old looking Queen Ann chair at a antique store, think of the potential and money savings to buying a brand new replica furniture piece.

5.) Pay attention to the support system of couches:
Couches are not created equal in their inner construction. Be wary of mesh support or Styrofoam peanuts for the sofa cushions. They will not last a long time. Instead, opt for eight-way hand tied support construction and cushions that are filled with down feathers or wrapped foam.

6.) Laminate and veneer furniture can be beautiful:
Don’t pass up veneer and laminate furniture just because it isn’t solid wood. Check for veneer adhering to the particle board or substrate material it is affixed to. Depending on where you will use the piece of furniture, laminate furniture can take more abuse and daily wear and tear than wood. Often times laminate can be glued back if it is coming apart, but be weary of pieces that have large sections not adhering.

7.) Hardwood furniture will last longer when taken care of:
Hardwoods such as oak and maple make durable and strong furniture. When buying second hand wood furniture, especially sofas, stay away from soft woods like pine lumber. Pine is better for pieces that don’t have to withstand weight and pressure over a long period of time. Look at the types of wood when you consider buying a second hand piece for durability.

8.) Metal furniture makes good seconds:
Wrought iron or aluminum furniture is beautiful when it’s been refurbished. When you find second hand metal furniture think of the potential as opposed to how it looks. Remove rust and repaint with a durable powder coat of outdoor paint especially made for covering metal furniture. You will be surprised how a new coat of paint will breathe life into your new find.

9.) Children’s furniture may have been recalled:
Be careful when buying children’s furniture second hand. Often times the furniture has been recalled and the owner wanted to get rid of it. Another important idea to remember is that it could have been damaged and fixed, but not properly.

10.) Don’t overlook getting dumpster and trash day finds:
This doesn’t mean rummaging through dumpsters and coming out with garbage all over you! College dormitories, apartments and the night-before trash pickup in many neighborhoods is a good place to find second hand furniture that may still be in good condition. Often times tenants move out or worse yet, are evicted and everything goes on the curb!

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