Best Second Hand Furniture Shop In Cheras

In Japanese culture, Kintsugi (also known as “Kintsukuroi”) is the art of repairing broken pottery with gold lacquer. As a philosophy, it teaches us to embrace the beauty in imperfections. It does not disguise or hide an object or person’s breakage, scars, and repairs. Instead, they are treated as part of the object/person’s history and beauty.

This concept can be seen in the increased popularity of preloved and second-hand goods. A growing number of people are realising that an item doesn’t have to be new for it to possess quality.

In fact, some preloved items can be even better than a brand new one. Furthermore, by being only a fraction of the price, it makes it more accessible and affordable to customers.

For those of you living in the Klang Valley, here are the best places where you can buy preloved goodies at incredibly low prices.


Buying preloved items are not only relevant to individuals but also for companies to save cost. Abumama.my buys and sells second-hand furniture, office supplies, and electrical appliances. With a large warehouse of 30,000 square feet, there are around 6,000 products to choose from.

They also offer services such as office set up consultation and project management. Among their clients are government ministries, corporations, universities, schools, hotels, and homes.

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