Furniture industry to see minor impact from SST

In early of the June 2018, Daily Express has interviewed President of The Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC) regarding the coming Sales and Services Tax (SST).

The president Chua Chun Chai of MFC has mentioned as below,

The Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC) believes the abolition of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) as well as the re-introduction of the Sales and Services Tax will only have a minor impact on the local furniture industry.

President Chua Chun Chai said the export segment would not be affected much as no SST would be imposed on the export items.

“As for the domestic market, if the Sales and Services Tax remains at 10 per cent like previously, the price difference would be around four per cent compared with when the six per cent GST was in place,” he told a media conference on the recent Export Furniture Exhibition (EFE) here on Thursday.

However, Chua said, this would depend on the SST rate to be announced by the government in September.

Credited to dailyexpress.com.my.