Sell Your Unwanted Stuff for Money

Throwback to one year ago in 2017, CompareHero has listed Abumama.my in their post titled 6 Ways to Sell Your Unwanted Stuff for Money.

The post has introduced Abumama.my as below.

“Looking to sell that old guitar you never play or the camera stand that was never put to good use? It is time to do some spring cleaning and sell the stuff in your house to make some money.

There are so many platforms (online or offline) to sell used items and you can make some money from selling your used items to recoup some of your money.

5. Abumama.my
This company usually trades used furnitures such as sofas, cupboards, bed frames and more! You can get in touch with them in the following ways to save more time when selling your unwanted items:

  1. Take a picture of the items that you are planning to sell with your mobile phone
  2. List it and either Whatsapp the photos to their hotline numbers at 016 201 3938/016 261 8952 or email them to abumama.my@gmail.com.
  3. Notify them of your location.
  4. Depending on your location and items you are planning to sell. The company may schedule an appointment for viewing and purchasing.”

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